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Coricancha or Qoricancha temple of the sun

One of the most famous of Cusco, and the most revered of the Incas, the Coricancha, Qoricancha or Temple of the Sun, and is named for it because it was the place where the Inti god (sun) was given prayer and was a religious center, so Coricancha means something like "gold enclosure", since this building was full of gold, and that in times of conquest the temple was destroyed and looted, and that is that the temple of the sun was the largest place in the entire Coricancha, occupying more than half the width of the current church of Santo Domingo, is a beautiful building, made of the finest stonework, decorated by a band of pure gold at the top, and has a roof of fine straw and delicately cut, these walls were built of large blocks of solid rocks, which fit perfectly on top of each other, a typical Inca architecture, since most of the walls were built slightly tilted inwards, we can also observe r that the doors and windows have a trapezoidal shape where sunlight enters, on the construction of the Coricancha there are several versions, one of them is that who ordered the construction was the Inca Pachacutec (ruled between 1438 and 1471), also, according to some historians, during the time of Manco Cápac it was a small temple called Inticancha, while with the arrival of Pachacútec the construction was embellished, remodeled obtaining its colossal size happening to be called Coricancha, but another version is that it already existed even much earlier than the Incas, and that these already made only a remodeling and beautification of this sacred huaca, but in the meantime this construction made of carved stones with great precision and impressive size attract attention for the large number of angles that some have up to 30 schemes that connect with those around them, and it is a large building of colonial architecture, and once inside it you can see works of contemporary viceregal art , and in the passages you will be able to see some of the liturgical objects and clothes of the time, on the other hand there is also a museum where you will find clothes, religious objects, canvases, and works of contemporary art, since today they can be celebrated until masses and art exhibitions, works of art, or any cultural representation, so we are talking about a temple that was built with the use of stones impressive and that over the centuries retains a technique that guarantees the conservation of the building and can even withstand several earthquakes through the years, such as the earthquake of the year 1650, and over time the construction of the temple of Santo Domingo was added using the walls of the Coricancha, and gave a more beautiful look to this place, and the presence of tourists always stands out in this place and due to the increase of this it is that they added some sets of lights, and arrangement of the gardens, all this in the outer part without touching this structure is clear, well it is a bit, but the most you can know about the cori court, and to be able to appreciate all this closely, just go to see the place that is in the center of Cusco nothing more than in the Av. Sol, and the Santo Domingo street, in the historical center of the city of Cusco, that sometimes one passes through there and not everyone can appreciate this place that is there in front of us, it does not need to take r vehicles for travel hours, it is about 7 minutes from the main square, visiting hours are Monday through Friday from 8: am to 5: pm. And the tickets are: in adults 10 soles, students 5 soles and children under 10 years admission is free, go see this is one of the impressive places that highlights Cusco.