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Inti Raymi Festival Party of the Sun Incas Cusco June 24

A party that we celebrate all Peruvians, and especially the Cusco people every June 24 of each year, because they can participate and observe the Inti Raymi party, which means the festival of the sun, which was celebrated every winter solstice, where the the sun is at a greater distance from the earth, and the cold was increasing, therefore it was necessary to ask the sun god, to scratch again that the morning twilight did not continue moving towards the north, and that the stage to celebrate this party is in the sanctuary of Sacsayhuaman, since according to Garcilaso de la Vega, this place is the "greatest and most magnificent work of the Incas", where it shows us in this construction its power and majesty.

It is recalled that some time ago between the dates of 20 to 23, the Inca gave a ritual to the sun God, which to date we continue every year with the customs of our ancestors the Incas, this party includes very much a tribute to the sun God, Each year about 750 actors participate, who represent their ancestors with the same fervor they were, and the main character was the Inca, wearing a suit with the colors of Tahuantinsuyo, gold bracelets on hands and feet, and a crown of feathers, and the other characters also dressed according to the party. There are also the colorful costumes they wear at these parties, fancy banquets, festive music, and that this staging lasts 1 whole day.

That you visitor can not only be part of this joyful party, but visit the place of Sacsayhuaman, which apart from knowing its ruins, because you will witness this joyful party that all Cusco people and those we visit from different places, we come to be part of this party to the sun god, that is why the imperial city of Cusco, by this time is full of people, cheerful people who make their presence, fill more pride to each Peruvian to know that he comes to share and live our customs, as This is the case, and not only Cusco celebrates the celebration of the sun by these dates, there is also the celebration of the famous Cristi corpus, and the day of the farmer, by this time the month of June is declared the jubilee month of Cusco, which We forget to mention that the celebration of the Inti Raymi, begins in the Coricancha or temple of the sun, then continues in the main square, and then the ceremony concludes in the sanctuary of Sacsayhuaman, the tickets for this scene. You can get them online, and there are 3 grandstands, one central and two lateral ones, the prices would be to treat, because for the entrance to the center of the Inti Raymi they will be asked for your entrance ticket, and the general public will be able to appreciate it by Bodes to this scenario, are almost 60 years of the existence of the Inti Raymi, and is now part of the life of Cusco, and of all Peruvians, "Long live the Inti Raymi party"

Tour Inti Raymi or Festival of the Sun - Full day tour