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Machupicchu: The fascinating snowfalls

Machupicchu Historic Sanctuary, with an area of ​​32,592 hectares, and where we already know and know about the emblematic Inca citadel, and its extraordinary beauty, is the main tourist attraction of Peru, since it is the first 100% sustainable city of Peru and Latin America , since it receives about 1.5 million visitors per year, with a growth rate of 10%, now we also present part of its geography, where snowy peaks stand out at more than 6,000 meters of altitude, and it is crossed by two important mountain ranges to the Southern Peru, Urubamba and Vilcabamba, since both stand out for important snowfalls because these are considered from Inca times and to the present as "Apus or Gods". Machupicchu

In the Urubamba mountain range, there are Los Nevada de Chicón, Verónica and Halancoma, where the snowy Chicón stands out, with its highest peak of 5,800 meters of altitude, where it is necessary for the practice of adventure sports, for those who like climbing in glacier and trekking, and reaching it can take you between 6 to 7 hours and enjoy the highest landscapes, on the other hand the Snowy of Halancoma, borders the entire sacred valley of the Incas, with its 5,367 masl where you can see other peaks of importance for the population such as Ausangate, Salkantay and Pumacillo that are part of the Villcabamba mountain range, and finally El Nevado Verónica with 5,682 meters above sea level where glaciers of mountains stand out and whose minimum height in snow is 4,600 meters

On the other hand, the Vilcabamba Mountain Range stands out for its impressive mountain range, and this is located between the regions of Cusco and Apurimac, has 20 snowy peaks, exceeding 5,000 meters of altitude, where it highlights that the highest snowfall is Salkantay with 6,271 masl So these two mountain ranges, both that of Urubamba and Vilcabamba, gave rise to 472 glaciers, which represent an area of ​​255.54 square kilometers, now we know a little more of the fascinating snowfalls of Machupicchu, and what is always recommended to all those Who wants to come to Peru is to have to meet them.