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The Religion of the Inca

The religion of the Inca tried to make ceremony with nature dividing its Environment like the sun, the Moon, the Earth among others.

Most of the peoples of the Inca empire their religions were towards the Gods: The Pachamama which means the adoration of the Earth or Mother Earth, Viracocha who was the creator God of all nature, were the most recognized Gods Along with the Inti God who is Sun.

Their characterization of the Inca Religion was characterized as polytheistic (people who worship various gods) means that their gods were beings of the world such as water, rain, wind and among others ... They were also heliolatra means that all religions revolved around the Inti that is the sun God.

The main gods of the Inca Empire

  • God Inti: He is the most important God since he offers us heat and Light. Since our farmers who trusted the sun, made good harvests that also bore good fruit, he was the most venerated God after the Viracocha (God who created nature), who received the greatest number of Offerings.

The god inti had a legend of the Inti and the Mama Quilla (Luna) According to the legend, the god Inti had two sons Manco Cápac and Mama Ocllo who founded Cusco.

Currently Every year they perform the Inti Raymi which is the resurrection of the sun God is performed every June 24, receives thousands of tourists with the participation of the Tawantinsuyo consisting of 4 His: Antisuyo, Contisuyo, Chinchasuyo, Collasuyo, along with Los Capitale military, government officials, and vassals who attended went with their best dresses or suits as they also carried their best weapons and instruments starting the Festival of the Sun fasting for 3 days, where during those days they did not light a fire and abstained from the sexual intercourse. The Raymi inti lasted for about 9 days after that the Inca had to give permission for them to return to their Ayllu or Ethnicity of Origin.

  • Viracicha or Wiracocha God: Also known as the Lord or Master of the World, the first God of the Tiahuanaco Culture, is the supreme creator God of the entire Universe and everything that nature contains, adopting various parts.
  • La Pachamama: Also known for being mother Earth, she is a fertility Goddess who senses fertility, who preserves sowing and harvesting in some parts of Argentina, Peru, Chile and Bolivia at parties or gatherings spilling the chicha known as the “challa ”
  • The Moon: "killa or Mama Killa" She is the Moon Goddess, wife of the Inti, daughter of the Viracocha, also goddess of marriage, menstrual cycle considered protector of women.
  • La Mamacocha: Known as the Goddess of the Sea, waters or lagoons, protector of Sailors and fishermen.
  • Mama Zara: Goddess of food and Corn.
  • Coyllur: companion of the Moon "stars"
  • Illapa: God of lightning considered as the lord of Fire "libiac"
  • God Supay: Demon of Inca Mythology, god of death and lord of shipwreck.

The universe was divided into three parts:

  • Hanan pacha, the abode of gods and celestial objects,
  • Kai pacha, the present and tangible world,
  • Ucu pacha, the world below or the things that have not yet germinated.

Apparently, in the ucu pacha were the dead who had returned to their pacarina, or place of origin. Between the hanan pacha and the ucu pacha there were ties of complementarity, the kai pacha being the meeting point where both planes of the universe were united.